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    Jóindulatú daganatok keratosis seborrhoica III. Precancerosisok keratoacanthoma keratosis solaris nail changes in psoriasis ppt kátrány eredetű keratosis cornu cutaneum leukoplakia In situ carcinomák Morbus Bowen Bowenoid papulosis Erythroplasia Queyrat II. Cysták epidermalis cysta trichilemmalis cysta steatocystoma multiplex milium IV. Rosszindulatú daganatok Morbus Paget basalsejt-carcinoma basalioma laphámsejtes carcinoma spinalioma Merkel-sejtes carcinoma 74 Keratosis seborrhoica nagyon gyakori, főként időskorban megjelenő, mindkét nemet azonos arányban érintő tu.

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    The nuclei of the Paget's cells are atypical and, though not seen here, often have prominent nucleoli PAS stain demonstrates mucin within the Paget's cells of Paget's disease of the breast. This is evidence for their origin from an underlying ductal carcinoma.

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    By immunoperoxidase staining, they will also be keratin positive and epithelial membrane antigen positive. Basalioma superficiale Az esetek többségében multicentrikus laesio, napfénynek ki nem tett helyeken, leggyakrabban törzsön, vállon, karéjos szélű, centralisan enyhén besüppedt, heges, alig infiltrált plakkok, diszkrét gyöngyházfényű szegéllyel.

    These drugs kill cancer cells PDT works because the photosensitizing agent collects more readily in cancer cells than in normal cells. When the agent is then exposed to light, it reacts with oxygen to create chemicals that can kill the cell.

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    Because the approved light sources can only penetrate a limited depth through tissue, PDT is mainly used to treat areas on or just under the skin, or in the lining of internal organs. When, after three hours, the area is illuminated with normal red light, a photo-chemical reaction is triggered, and the tumour cells are destroyed.

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    The healthy skin around the tumour is not significantly affected. Melanocytic naevus Epidermal cafe-au-lait melanosis naeviformis naevus spilus!

    Nervous tissue fibres synapses receptors effectors Dr Zita Slides: 48 Nervous tissue: fibres, synapses receptors, effectors Dr. One oligodendrocyte myelinate parts of several axons. BOg A portion along the axon sheated by the Schwann cell is the internodal segment. Unmyelinated part of the axon between two internodal segments is the node of Ranvier. The node of Ranvier is covered by basement membrane produced by the two neighbouring Schwann cells.

    Spitz juvenile benign melanoma young people,on face and extremities, brownreddish papule epithelioid, spindle cell, giant cell, with atypia melanoma diff.